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The original Amiga 1000

The Amiga 1000 is widely regarded as one of the coolest computers of all time, but from the collector and retro-gamers perspective, is it the one you should get?

The hardware:

First, let's take a look at what you actually get.

The 1000 comes in a "PC style" computer case with a detachable keyboard that, somewhat charmingly, slides underneath it.

As far as I know the keyboards are not interchangeable with any other Amiga model, though there may be adapters out there.

The guts of the system is of course the Motorola 68000 processor and the original graphics chipset (OCS).
Note that some very early models actually lack the capability for the Extra Half-Brite (EHB) graphics mode.
That won't affect the vast majority of programs, but could be a concern for some graphics applications.

Available system memory is only 256 KB, which is insufficient for anything but the most basic programs. An internal upgrade slot allows this to be increased to 512 KB which is better.
Do note t…

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